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    Nevada MMIS Modernization Project

      Prior Authorization, Personal Care Services and Provider Web Portal Upgrade Has Been Delayed!

      The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), Division of Health Care Financing and Policy DHCFP) and Nevada Medicaid's Fiscal Agent  Technology mutually agreed on June 15, 2017 to delay the implementation of Stage 2 of the Medicaid Management Information Systems (MMIS) new interChange system from June 26, 2017 to July 24, 2017. This agreed new date allows the DHCFP and Nevada Medicaid's Fiscal Agent additional testing of the components to be implemented. Provider training has occurred past couple of weeks and if you feel a refresher is needed, please forward your request to the email address under the "Contact Us" link.


      Because of the delay, the Provider Web Portal will be available as usual for prior authorization requests June 23, 2017, through June 26, 2017.  Providers should continue to request prior authorizations as they do currently.  Dental/Orthodontia, Adult Day Health Care (ADHC) and Personal Care Services (PCS) providers will be able to use the Provider Web Portal to request authorizations starting July 24, 2017


      Check this page often for the latest alerts and important information regarding implementation and for opportunities to learn about the new MMIS. The more you know, the smoother your transition will be. The new MMIS and Healthcare Portal will offer many features such as personalization and @neTouch to make your workflow effective, efficient and accurate. The success of the new MMIS depends on your satisfaction as a Nevada Medicaid provider.

        Early Adoption Modernization Project Stage III

        These stages include the implementation of several components to generate initial business value to DHCFP and the Medicaid provider community. These components are the implementation of Provider Enrollment phase 2, which was implemented on Dec 19, 2016 with minimal defects.

        The healthcare portal upgrade, prior authorization, new personal care services (PCS) modules (Stages 2-4) and workflows are the next big milestones for the project with an implementation date of July 24, 2017. The early introduction of these components sets the stage for the main modernization effort, also currently underway, while providing some early benefits for DHCFP, the providers, and the Nevada Medicaid's Fiscal Agent operations.




          Stage 2 Implementations:


          Stage 3 Implementations:

          • Prior Authorization
          • Claims
          • Personal Care Services
          • Finance
          • Web Portal Upgrade
          • Member
           July 24, 2017
          • Managed Care




            Last Edited: 6/27/2017