Silver State Scripts Board

Preferred Drug List (PDL)

By statute (NRS 422.4025), the State of Nevada requires the DHCFP to develop and maintain a Preferred Drug List (PDL) to be used for the Medicaid program and CHIP, and each public or nonprofit health benefit plan that elects to use the PDL. The Silver State Scripts Board (formerly known as the Pharmacy & Therapeutics or P&T Committee) was established to identify prescription drugs to be included on the PDL.

A governing body of a county, school district, municipal corporation, political subdivision, public corporation or other local government agency of the State of Nevada that provides coverage of prescription drugs pursuant to NRS 287.010 or any issuer of a policy health insurance purchased pursuant to NRS 287.010 may use the PDL developed by DHHS as its PDL.

The PDL is not a restricted formulary. Drugs not on the PDL are still available to recipients if they meet the Standard Preferred Drug List Exception criteria.


    Silver State Scripts Board

    The Silver State Scripts Board consists of members who are Director-appointed physicians and pharmacists. Members must be licensed to practice in the State of Nevada as either an actively practicing physician or an actively practicing pharmacist.

    Meetings are held quarterly and are open to the public. Anyone wishing to address the Silver State Scripts Board may do so. Public comment is limited to 5 minutes per speaker/organization (due to time constraints). Anyone presenting documents for consideration must provide sufficient copies for each Board member and an electronic copy to the DHCFP Coordinator for official record.

    For pharmacists and physicians wishing to serve on the Silver State Scripts Board, please email your contact information, NPI and current CV/Resume to