Provider Support


The Division of Health Care Financing and Policy’s Provider Support Unit is responsible for oversight of:

  • Provider Enrollment
  • Contract suspensions and terminations
  • Policy development & maintenance
  • Administrative oversight of the Health Insurance Premium Payment (HIPP) Program
  • Cost avoidance initiatives
  • Third Party Liability (TPL) issues

To meet the needs of Medicaid participants, we have approximately 16,000 Nevada Medicaid enrolled individuals and facilities offering health care services. If you are a medical provider interested in serving Medicaid recipients, information and the enrollment application is available for your convenience at our Fiscal Agent Web Portal. 

Should you have a question on Third Party Liability, please email us at the address provided under Contact. 

For all other questions, call or email to the general phone and email address provided under Contact.

    Last Edited: 1/31/2017