The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) approved Nevada’s State Innovation Model (SIM) Round Two application to improve population health in Nevada.  The State was awarded $2 million to design a State Innovation Model.  The grant period began February 1, 2015 and runs for 12 months.

The grant provides financial and technical support to DHCFP for the design of multi-payer health care payment and service delivery models that will accomplish the CMS triple aim of:

  • Strengthening Population Health
  • Improving the Patient Experience of Care (Including Quality and Satisfaction)
  • Decreasing Per Capita Health Care Spending

 We are seeking broad, statewide support from health care providers, public health officials, industry associations, consumer advocacy groups and others to address population health issues such as behavioral health, tobacco use, obesity, and diabetes. 

  • Payer Collaboration
  • Health Care Workforce
  • Quality Improvement Assessment (QIA)

Between now and January 31, 2016, DHCFP will be:

  • Conducting Stakeholder Sessions - register for Stakeholder Sessions through the email in Contact
  • Formulating Work Groups
  • Identifying Quality Measures for Innovative Models
  • Approving Innovation Model(s)
  • Assessing Stakeholder Readiness to Implement Model(s)
  • Finalizing the Design Plan for Submission to CMS

If you would like to submit your ideas for consideration, please complete the Online Survey under Links or submit a completed Innovative Care Comments Form to the email provided under Contact.  Please incorporate our Guiding Principles when submitting your ideas.

If you would like to submit an agenda item for consideration to be discussed at Stakeholder meetings, please do so using the email provided under Contact. 

For additional information regarding the Nevada SIM design, read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) or the information provided under Links.  Please check regularly for new information.