Long Term Support Services - Home and Community Based Services

Home Based Habilitation Services (HBHS)

Home Based Habilitation Services (HBHS) are medically prescribed treatment for improving or restoring functions, which have been impaired by illness or injury or, where function has been permanently lost or reduced by illness or injury.

HBHS include services designed to assist individuals in acquiring, retaining and improving the self-help, socialization and adaptive skills necessary to reside successfully in a home and community-based setting. HBHS are prescribed by a physician and provided by the appropriate qualified staff.

Services include the following:

  • Care Coordination
  • Adaptive Skill Development
  • Community Inclusion
  • Transportation (not duplicative of State Plan Non-Emergency Transportation (NET))
  • Adult Educational Supports
  • Social and Leisure Skill Development
  • Physical Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy  

Licensed professionals must perform an initial assessment, develop a plan of care, assess the recipient’s progress and assume legal responsibility for the services provided.

Home Based Habilitation Services Medicaid Service Manual (MSM) and 1915(i):

Refer to Regulatory and Link Section

  • Contact the appropriate DHCFP     


To enroll as a Home Based Habilitation Services provider:

Billing information: -Provider Type 55