Managed Care

Medicaid services, both medical and dental, for recipients living in the urban Clark and Washoe counties are delivered by managed care organizations.  Nevada currently has three (3) medical managed care organizations (MCOs) and one dental benefit administrator (DBA).  DHCFP policy and district office staff work closely with the MCOs, DBA, and the Division of Welfare and Supportive Services to ensure recipients in the MCO and DBA covered areas are informed and supported as they seek medical and dental care.

    Medical Managed Care

    Medical care in the managed care coverage areas is provided by the following MCOs.  You can change your MCO during the Open Enrollment period. Go to your MCOs website to find a provider.

    NCQA's Health Plan Report Cards

    NCQA evaluates health plans on the quality of care patients receive, how happy patients are with their care and health plans' efforts to keep improving. To view the NCQA Accreditation status for Nevada MCOs, click the link below.

    Dental Benefit Administration

    When you are enrolled in an MCO, you are automatically enrolled in a DBA as well.  Effective January 1, 2018, dental benefit administration in Nevada will be provided by LIBERTY Dental Plan of Nevada, Inc. Go to LIBERTYs website to find a provider.

    Managed Care Open Enrollment

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    Nevada Medicaid Managed Care Organization Request for Proposal (RFP)

    Please use the email below for your suggestions, comments or questions, also you may share this email with anyone who may have an input on the RFP.

    Suggestions from the Community

    To view the most current RFP please click on the link below. and select “View” next to the 3260 RFP Managed Care Organization 01/30/19

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