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If you are interested in receiving Medicaid health news, you can subscribe to the Nevada Medicaid Update Listserv (email group) below.

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      If you are unable to access the links above, do the following:

        • To subscribe, send an email to and type Subscribe Listserv Name in the body of the message.
        • Do not include other text in the body.  No subject is necessary. 
        • You may send a copy to your email ID by entering it in the 'CC' line.
        • To be removed from the list, send an email to and type Unsubscribe Listserv Name in the body.

          To manage your Nevada Medicaid Member News email notifications follow these steps:

            To Subscribe: Click the "Subscribe" link in the table.  Click "Send" when the email dialog box appears.  You will receive a confirmation message back from Listserv.  Reply to the confirmation message to be added to the list.

              To Unsubscribe: If you wish to stop receiving notifications, click the "Unsubscribe" link in the table. Click "Send" when the email dialog box appears.