HIPAA Requests

Records Requests

This website contains a great deal of data, information and reports; please see the content area specific to the topic you are interested in.

    Public Records Requests

    Public records request are limited to records that have been created and exist. A records request cannot compel the creation of a new record. If you believe a Medicaid record exists that you would like to access, submit the request through GovQA.

    We will respond promptly to all requests for documents that are available within a short time frame. Although we would like to be able to fulfill every request for information that is not readily available, priorities and staffing limitations limit our ability to create new reports or compile information.

    Note: DHCFP is not required or obligated to comply with requests for information that is not compiled or tracked as a standard procedure of the agency. We will research your request and determine if we can devote staff time to fulfilling it.
    We may charge for providing public records that require an extraordinary use of personnel or technological resources, including the redaction of information. Please refer to the NRS chapters on the right for more information.

      Billing Information Requests

      The information the DHCFP holds on members is generally limited to billing records and supporting documents. If you want your medical records, please contact your medical provider.

      To request we send a copy of your billing records to you, please use the Recipient Request to Access/Obtain Copy of Protected Health Information form provided under Forms. 

      To request we send a copy of your billing records to someone else (such as an attorney) use the Authorization for the Use and Disclosure of Protected Health Information form provided under Forms. 

      To protect the privacy of your information, we require you use these or other forms that meet HIPAA requirements.

        Lien Amounts

        You may send requests for lien amounts (for subrogation) directly to our vendor, HMS-NV Casualty Recovery. This is generally when you have been injured by someone else, and their insurance needs the amount of your medical bills for settlement. Contact details are provided under Lien Requests.


            Send written records requests to:
            Custodian of Records
            Nevada Division of Health Care Financing and Policy
            1100 East William Street
            Carson City, NV 89701

            Email record requests to:

              Recipient Billing/Claims/Personal Health Information Requests

              Media Requests


              Members Medical Records

              Medicaid only holds billing data for recipients, this link is a resource to guide you on how to access your medical records from your provider.



              The Private Health Information (PHI) request and disclosure authorization forms are available in both English and Spanish. The electronic forms may be completed, signed and submitted online.

              Las formas para la solicitud, autorización y divulgación de la Información de Salud Privada (PHI) están disponibles en Inglés y Español. Los formularios electrónicos pueden ser completados , firmados y presentados en línea.

              Lien Requests

              HMS (Mailing address)

              HMS-NV Casualty Recovery
              P.O. Box 167487
              Irving, TX 75016
              Phone (877) 640-3415
              Fax (877) 640-3414