Provider Enrollment


The Division of Health Care Financing and Policy’s Provider Enrollment Unit is responsible for oversight of:

  • Enrollment and Revalidations
  • Contract suspensions and terminations
  • Policy development & maintenance
  • Provider Exclusion Verification

To meet the needs of Medicaid participants, we have approximately 16,000 Nevada Medicaid enrolled individuals and facilities offering health care services. If you are a medical provider interested in serving Medicaid recipients, information and enrollment application is available for your convenience at: Nevada Medicaid Website Provider Enrollment .

Please contact Nevada Medicaid’s fiscal agent at (877) 638-3472 for questions regarding enrollment applications, billing, claims, training, etc.




Nevada Medicaid requires all providers to revalidate at least every 5 years, with the exception of Durable Medical Equipment (DMEPOS) suppliers which must revalidate every 3 years.

Providers are encouraged to revalidate online by logging into the Provider Web Portal.


To avoid contract termination, your revalidation application must be processed and approved prior to the revalidation due date. It is recommended to allow 30 days processing time for your revalidation.


For all other questions, call (775) 684-3701 or email us at