SUR Verification of Services


Verification of Services (VOS) in the Nevada Medicaid Program is required by the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 42 CFR 455.20 (a), which states: “The agency must have a method for verifying with recipients whether services billed by providers were received.”

Automated VOS mail-outs are sent out each month to a random selection of Medicaid recipients. Each mail-out includes a cover letter, a summary Medicaid claims or explanation of benefits for the month prior to mailing, and a stamped, self-addressed reply envelope. Medicaid recipients are invited to respond to mailings if billing information is not correct.

VOS is recognized as a valuable tool used to preserve and maintain the financial integrity of the Medicaid program.


Contact Information


The VOS Specialist in the SUR Unit may be contacted by telephone at (775) 687-8405