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Nursing Facilities

Nursing Facility (NF) services is a mandatory Medicaid benefit.
NFs are institutions that provide a full range of nursing services from intermediate care at the lower level up to and including skilled nursing services. NFs provide health related care and services on a 24-hour basis to individuals who, due to medical disorders, injuries, developmental disabilities, and/or related cognitive and behavioral impairments, exhibit the need for medical, nursing, rehabilitative and psychosocial management above the level of room and board. NF services include services for people who cannot live on their own because they need assistance with certain activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, eating, toileting and transferring.
NFs also provide skilled nursing care and related services for individuals who require medical or nursing care and/or rehabilitation services.

    Behaviorally Complex Care Program

    The Behaviorally Complex Care Program (BCCP) is for those Nevada Medicaid recipients with a severe, medically based behavior disorder. Medically based disorders may include (not all inclusive) traumatic/acquired brain injury, dementia, Alzheimer's, Huntington's Chorea, which causes diminished capacity for judgment, or a resident, who meets the Medicaid criteria for nursing facility level of care and who has a medically based mental health disorder or diagnosis and exhibits significant behaviors. Those facilities that request and are approved to administer the BCCP are reimbursed with a tiered rate established with the intention of providing in-state care that addresses the recipient’s needs. Nursing Facilities must demonstrate that the resident has a history of persistent disruptive behavior that is not easily altered and requires an increase in resources from nursing facility staff. For additional information please reference Medicaid Services Manual (MSM) 503.10.


    To enroll as a Nursing Facility Provider:
    Complete the enrollment process through Nevada Medicaid’s Fiscal Agent
    Enroll as a Provider Type 19 – Nursing Facility


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