Managed Care Open Enrollment

Managed Care Organization (MCO) Open Enrollment is once a year from April 1st through June 30th of the current year.

  1. One letter is mailed to all active managed care households the 1st Tuesday of April of the current year. Only the head of household receives the letter and makes changes for all members of the household. All Open Enrollment change requests received by June 25, 2021 will be effective July 1, 2021. Open Enrollment change requests received between June 26 and June 30 will be effective August 1, 2021. 

  2. Members must send their Open Enrollment responses to:

    Nevada Medicaid Attn. MCO Changes
    P.O. Box 30042 Reno, NV, 89520

    The request requires the recipient to fill in their Medicaid ID number if not already on the form, make an MCO choice, and must be signed and dated by the head of household.

  3. The Open enrollment letters will include the Comparison Charts (comp charts) which are documents created for a quick highlight of each MCO in order to assist the recipient in deciding if they wish to switch their MCO. Each plan has a comparison chart, with North and South plan information and a Spanish translation. Each household receives all 3 plans comparison charts with the Open Enrollment letter. To view the comparison charts or to access each MCO webpage click this link

    Managed Care Open Enrollment

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